Today We Are Rich

Publication of a new book by Public Words’ good friend Tim Sanders is an event to celebrate, and in this case, Today We Are Rich:  Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence, is a special cause for celebration.  The book is packed with great stories, jammed with wonderful tips on how to improve your own confidence […]

What Happens When You “Wing” A Speech? Ask Tony Hsieh

In his NY Times Bestseller, Delivering Happiness, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh advises public speakers to “wing it.”  I am driven to take up the cudgels and protect people from that spectacularly bad advice.  What’s Hsieh’s story?  As CEO of the phenomenally successful Internet-based shoe company, Hseih received more and more invitations to speak as the […]

Why Leaders Need To Be Authentic

For my blog today, I'm connecting to a podcast I did with Connie Dieken on her Influential Leaders blog.  Connie is super smart and does her homework and we had a great conversation about leadership and why leaders today need authenticity above any other quality.  The link will take you to Connie's blog, and links […]