Maureen Anderson, Steve Farber, and the Public Words Speaker Forum 2010

For my blog today, I’m linking to a couple of great people:  Maureen Anderson, of the Career Clinic — — and Steve Farber, author of several cool books — — on leadership, and a wonderful speaker.  Here’s Steve speaking recently at a massive venue in Vegas:  Note that he’s working a (nearly) […]

How does a sure-fire, no-miss, grade-A speech go horribly wrong? The anatomy of a terrible speech.

Mena Trott, together with her husband, founded Six Apart, the company that created TypePad, the blogging platform this blog and many others are carried on.  That makes her the “founding mother of the blog revolution,” as put it, so she’s a natural person to invite to speak about the importance of blogging.  The importance […]

What happens when a great idea meets a poor speaker?

Iqbal Quadir, microcredit pioneer with GrameenBank to create GrameenPhone, had a great idea.  He’s brought hope and prosperity to 80 million rural Bangladeshi with his wireless phone services, which allow women in villages to start small businesses selling phone calls to their neighbors.  Many other services follow from there, and this kind of bottom-up thinking […]

How to get a standing ovation, II: Jamie Oliver’s One-Man Crusade to Save the World from Bad Food and Obesity

Jamie Oliver burst onto the world scene as a celebrity chef thanks to his “Naked Chef” TV series in the late 1990s, followed by other TV shows, successful books, endorsement deals with supermarkets, and an assault on school lunches, first in the UK and then in the US.  In late 2009, he won the 2010 […]