The weirdest public speaker you’ve ever seen? 4 lessons from Clifford Stoll

For my holiday blog and present to readers and those passionate about good public speaking, here is Clifford Stoll:  Stoll may be the weirdest public speaker I’ve ever seen, but you probably have seen weirder ones.  Let me know your nominations for the title, and I’ll blog on the best ones over the holidays.  […]

Is rehearsal important?

Is rehearsal important?  Odd that I should even have to pose the question, but a surprising number of the people we've worked with over the years have tried to wiggle out of rehearsing even important speeches.  Speakers want to deliver charismatic, assured, memorable performances.  Some of them say they want to 'wing it', because thinking […]

President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech- how good was it?

  Great speechmaking is rare, and recent great speechmaking (in this soundbite-driven age) is rarer still.  All the more reason to celebrate, then, President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.  This speech is an instant masterpiece.  Obama’s genius comes in his willingness to speak the unvarnished truth in three primary ways. First, he confronts directly […]

How much emotion is too much in public speaking?

How much emotion is too much in public speaking?  That’s the question the following video raised for me.  It’s Daniel Beaty, poet and actor, delivering the powerful story he calls, “Knock, Knock”:  Beaty’s emotional pitch is exactly right for his subject, but what about more conventional settings and business-oriented topics?  How much is too […]