How good a speaker is Ram Charan?

Ram Charan once was the best-kept secret in the business world. Only the CEOs of companies like GE, Verizon, Novartis, Dupont, Honeywell, KLM, and Bank of America had heard of him. Today, thanks to his speaking, his books, and his articles in BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review, and Fortune, which described him as the “most influential […]

How good a speaker is Michael Porter?

Michael Porter is a University Professor at Harvard, one of the founders of the Monitor Group, the author of several of the most significant books on competition and competitive advantage, including On Competition, Competitive Strategy and Competitive Advantage – and the guy who taught the world how to optimize a supply chain.  He’s on anyone’s […]

How good a speaker is Gary Hamel?

The management guru Gary Hamel has had more Harvard Business Review articles reprinted more often than anyone else – 15 and counting.  He’s a visiting professor at the London Business School, the founder of a new venture called MLab, which seeks to “accelerate the evolution of management knowledge and practice,” the author of several seminal […]

How good a speaker is Philip Kotler?

Philip Kotler is a marketing consultant and a professor of marketing at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University in Chicago.  He’s probably the world’s most influential thinker on strategic marketing.  He’s on any number of top ten lists of important business gurus.  He’s written more than 40 books, including some of the basic textbooks in […]

How good a speaker is Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman?

Paul Krugman shows up as number 3 on Forbes’ most influential management gurus list (  He’s a brilliant economist, winner of the Nobel Prize for his work on international trade, prolific writer of books, and blogger for the New York Times.   What kind of speaker is he? You can see him here: (on the […]

C K Prahalad – the world’s most influential business thinker?

Who is the world’s most influential business thinker?  According to Forbes (, it’s C. K. Prahalad, Professor of Corporate Strategy at the University of Michigan, and author of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid (, Competing for the Future, and other books. What kind of a speaker is he?  You can see him […]