How good a speaker is Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs has a near-mythical reputation in the presentation world as someone who has regularly wowed audiences over the years with his new product announcements at Macworld.  But just how good a public speaker is he really?  You can see highlights from the last 10 years of Macworld presentations here:  I’ll probably get grumbles […]

Put your unconscious mind to work to become a better public speaker

We’ve evolved to have some extraordinary skills.  Chief among them is a whole battery of brain cells and autonomic functions that focus almost exclusively on keeping us alive.  All mostly unconscious and incredibly efficient.   That’s a good thing. Unfortunately, not so good for public speaking.  Because the famous ‘fight or flight’ adrenaline response is marvelous […]

Authenticity and the Dalai Lama

Harvard University, October 2009. Authenticity is the single most quality demanded of public figures and speakers today. With authenticity, you can get a hearing, and maybe inspire a following. Without it, no one will pay any attention to you. Speaker coach Nick Morgan describes the most memorable instance of authenticity he witnessed in a speaker […]

How to decode other people’s body language – 3: Openness

In this third part of my series on decoding body language, I'm continuing with openness signals  from the face, head and torso.  Flaring nostrils are the stuff of romance novels and books about horses. Nevertheless, there may be truth to the descriptions connecting sexual attraction to this part of the face, especially if research about […]