Great Contemporary Business Speakers – 9: Marcus Buckingham

No top-ten list of great contemporary business speakers would be complete without Marcus Buckingham. Marcus is a phenomenon – a polished speaker able to project a poised, conversational, comfortable demeanor on small screens and in big halls, and a bestselling author several times over. You can see him speaking here: and here: Marcus […]

Great Contemporary Business Speakers – 8: Steve Farber

For energy and passion on a subject that is important for everyone interested in the future of the human race to rally around, Steve Farber (  is hard to beat. You can see Steve speaking in the two videos below: and:  (Warning:  the first video contains a common 4-letter word.)  In his earlier […]

Great Contemporary Business Speakers – 7: Charlene Li

Called “One of the Most Influential Women in Technology” by Fast Company, Charlene Li is an accomplished speaker on the subject of social media — the topic of her notable book Groundswell  (Harvard Business Press, 2008) and her research.  You can see her speaking on interactivity and social media here: and find her book […]

Great Contemporary Business Speakers – 5: Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki epitomizes Silicon Valley cool – he’s a former Apple employee, now a venture capitalist.  He’s written books on entrepreneurship that eschew grand theories in favor of practical advice:  The Art of the Start ( and Reality Check (  I recommend both highly if you’re an entrepreneur or you have those cravings.  Wearing my […]

Great Contemporary Business Speakers – 4: Seth Godin

No list of great contemporary business speakers would be complete without Seth Godin.  You can see him here, talking about marketing to Google a few years ago:   Seth has an extraordinary ability to take complex topics and break them down, explain them clearly, and make them appear simple.  That’s the essence of great marketing, […]