Bad presentations, good delivery? Or good presentations, bad delivery?

Which is worse, a well-written presentation badly delivered, or a badly written presentation delivered well?  The short answer is that they’re both bad.  But the longer answer is more complicated and worth considering. A well-written presentation – badly delivered – is hard work for the audience, and an offense against Style.  A badly written presentation […]

The Public Speaking Checklist – 10 points to check before you speak

You’re going to give a speech today.  It’s a high-stress time for most of us.  You don’t want to forget something really important.  Following is a checklist for ensuring that when you get up to speak you’re ready – really ready – to go. 1.  Check your computer – is the speech loaded and ready […]

The secret of connecting with an audience: closeness

How do you connect strongly with an audience?  In a way most speakers don’t think about, don’t understand, and so, not surprisingly, don’t often take advantage of:  physical closeness.  We all unconsciously measure the distance between ourselves and everyone else for obvious reasons of self-protection first and interest second. Twelve feet or more is public […]

Palin and Sotomayor – Lessons in Presenting

I’m struck by the very different recent public appearances of Sarah Palin and Judge Sonia Sotomayor, because they illustrate – in two extreme ways – the importance of openness – and clarity of intent – in public speaking.  You can see samples of their respective video records here:  (Sotomayor) and here:  (Palin)  Leaving […]