Use the 5 basic stories to add power to your speeches

I’ve written about using the power of the 5 basic stories that Western culture has to make your speeches stronger, ‘stickier’ and more instantly graspable.  Look here: or here: for more detailed information.  Today, I’m going to revisit the stories as a quick refresher course.  The most fundamental of the stories is the […]

Where President Obama went wrong on the Guantanamo Speech — and how you can do better

How do you argue your side of an emotional, contentious issue in a way that doesn’t further divide people?  President Obama’s recent speech on “Protecting Our Security and Our Values” delivered at the National Archives on May 21, 2009, was an example of a well-argued speech that unfortunately will only inflame the debate further.  The […]

What should Seth Godin have done? How do you respond to a last-minute change?

Yesterday, I commented on Seth Godin’s speech, overall finding it impressive, and making a few suggestions for improvement.  Seth commented on one of those, and his comment has raised an interesting question:  what do you do when you discover that the event organizer has thrown you a last-minute curve? In Seth’s case, it was […]

What we can learn from Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s talk on his latest book, Tribes, recently became available on TED’s web site:  What does Seth do right, and what does he do wrong as he tells us his latest idea? We can all learn from Seth Godin on both counts.  First, what he does right. Seth makes it all about […]