Obama’s 3rd Prime-Time Press Conference — How did he do?

Saying he’s “pleased but not satisfied,” President Obama presided over his 3rd prime-time press conference last night, marking the first 100 days of his presidency (http://tinyurl.com/ceaerq).  I’ll leave the politics to others to dissect; how is he doing as a public speaker? Overall, Obama continues to grow in mastery.  However, he’s a very different speaker […]

The single easiest and fastest way to increase your charisma and impact as a speaker

Working with clients, I spend a lot of time coaching them on delivery skills as well as, of course, helping them write great speeches.  We get the whole range of ability, from brilliant to considerably less than brilliant, and I’m often in the position of conducting triage with a speaker who was trained (or learned […]

3 Original Speakers to Watch — and bring to your organization

Here are 3 speakers that have messages that go against the current wisdom in their respective fields.  They’re great fun, they’re challenging the status quo, and they are likely to shake up your thinking.  Check them out. Adam Hartung. (http://www.thephoenixprinciple.com/).  Adam is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant, and business executive.  He conducted research over a decade […]

Character is king in public speaking

If you’ve never seen Coach John Wooden of UCLA speak, then check him out on TED.com:  http://tinyurl.com/cz6765.  He’s a reminder that Aristotle was right about his insistence that there are 3 ways to persuade an audience:  logic, emotion, and character.  In the end, it’s Wooden’s character that shines through and wins us over.  His essential […]