The 5 worst (and widespread) rules about public speaking

We work with clients all the time who have absorbed rules from somewhere about public speaking.  Usually those rules are bad and get in the way of successful presenting.  Following are the 5 worst we regularly see. 1.  “Tell ‘em what you’re going to say, say it, and tell ‘em what you said.”  This old […]

Five Creative, Interesting Alternatives to an Agenda Slide

Imagine you’re settling into your seat in the movie theatre, popcorn and soda at the ready, waiting happily for the latest James Bond movie to start.  You can’t wait to see what the proverbial high stakes opening chase before the credits will be – how many explosions, how fast, how many bodies littering the ground.  […]

The Rule of Threes

I blog a good deal on non-verbal communications because every communication is two conversations, the verbal and the non-verbal.  When those two are aligned, you can be an effective communicator.  When the two are not aligned, people believe the non-verbal always.  That makes the non-verbal conversation extremely important – a show-stopper, in fact, for someone […]

The 5 best ways to conquer your fear of public speaking

I often get asked about the nerves, fear, butterflies, and sheer unadulterated terror that, for most people, accompany public speaking to some degree.  Following are a few ways to ease that fear and make your public speaking more fun.  I’ll start with the best and work my way down to the quick and dirty. 1.  […]

How to achieve public speaking ‘nirvana’ in 3 steps.

I was inspired by David Meerman Scott’s great post on public speaking  ( to write about 3 steps to achieving public speaking nirvana – that zen-like stage where you’re in the zone and time is suspended and you and the audience are one, or very nearly so.  First, you’ve got to know your material cold.  […]

And the winner of the elevator speech contest is….

Thanks to everyone for the elevator pitch/speech entries.  It was a lot of fun to read them and to continue the discussion about this important kind of communication.  I’m going to close out the contest with the three winners, counting down to first place.  Third Place Winner: Bored at the office? Do you work by […]