The problem with modern business presentations is an ancient one.

When you’re standing up in front of a group of people ready to give a speech, your instincts take over.  Honed over a million years of evolution, your body says to itself, “I’m in danger!  I must be prepared!”  because it was survival of the fittest in the cave person era.  Your muscles tighten, your […]

Trust Me — Non-verbal Communications — 3

I attended the 800-CEO-READ Pow-Wow last week, in Chicago, and talked with the attendees about storytelling and about the importance of the two conversations – content and body language – to communications.  Among the attendees were some amazing bloggers and tweeters:  David Meerman Scott on social media (, Jose Castillo also on social media ( […]

Political Leaders of the Day — 6 — General Eric Shinseki

President-elect Obama has picked a retired general, Eric Shinseki, as his Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  This is an extraordinarily important and difficult job, and by all accounts Shinseki is well-suited to fill it.  He has a reputation for integrity – he was cashiered by the Bush Administration for speaking out on Iraq – and he […]

Political Leaders of the Day — 5 — Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson, the nominee for Secretary of Commerce, has a long resume full of international diplomatic service and both legislative and executive experience here at home, including, of course, Governor of New Mexico.  He is, certainly, an honorable public servant with an impressive career. Why, then, does he talk like a man who doesn’t expect […]