Debate body language

What was the body language score of the first debate?  Both senators are strong, confident speakers and acquitted themselves well.  Both landed a couple of body blows to the other candidate.  There were no major gaffes or disastrous moments.  Overall, the nod goes to Senator Obama, for a few reasons.  Senator Obama looked at his […]

Misleading campaign ads

I’m continuing my suspension of my normal blogging campaign one more day to talk about campaign ads.  Senator McCain’s campaign recently sunk to a new low with ads that said Senator Obama had supported sex ed for 6 year olds, when in fact it was training to avoid sexual predators.  And there were others, equally […]

Back to basics — 4

Every communication is two conversations, the verbal (the content) and the non-verbal (the body language).  When the two are aligned, a speaker can be persuasive, even charismatic.  When the two are not aligned, audiences believe the non-verbal communication every time.  This insight has important implications for public speaking.  Chief among them is that you cannot […]