How to write a great speech — 9

Wrapping up this series of blogs on writing a speech, let's talk about visual aids.  I've ranted about Power Point before, but here's yet another reason to use PP with care, and only after you've prepared the speech content.  I can always tell a speech that's been prepared using Power Point.  Each slide is an […]

How to write a great speech — 7

Your audience is chattering away amongst themselves because you've given them permission to become active, in some step that is designed to help cement your message into their minds.  It's chaotic, but the audience is happy, and cementing, and those are good things.  You're tempted to leave now, but you know you have to finish […]

How to write a great speech — 5

You’ve reached that point in creating your speech where you’ve worked with the audience to understand the problem, and you’ve offered a solution. Now, you need to take a couple of steps to seal the deal. Remember what you’re doing: you’re trying to persuade the audience of something. Now put yourself in the audience’s shoes. […]

How to write a great speech — 3

So you’ve captured the audience’s fleeting attention, with a great story, a statistic, or a compelling question. Congratulations; you’ve survived the first few minutes of a speech better than most. But what do you do now? How do you keep the audience’s attention for the next 15 minutes or so? There’s only one way that […]

How to Write a Great Speech — 2

So you want to write a great speech, and you’ve thought about the audience, and the occasion. You understand what makes the audience tick, and what’s happening on the day, and the days leading up to it. The next thing to think about is how am I going to get that audience’s attention? You need […]

How to write a great speech — 1

I'm going to write a series of blogs on how to put together a great speech, since I've heard a number of bad ones lately.  Let's begin with first principles.  A great speech puts the occasion, the audience, and the speaker together in an unforgettable way.  All three pieces of the rhetorical puzzle are important.  […]