Body Language — 5

What should you be thinking about during a speech in terms of your body language?  There’s a lot to do — you have to stand straight, act energetic, focus on the audience, remember your speech, keep your finger out of your ear, and so on.  What are the main points to pay attention to? You […]

Body Language — 4

Yesterday I promised to talk about the second of the the two things you should be doing before you start a speech.  The first was breathing — deeply — and the second is getting what actors call the ‘offstage beat’.  What is the offstage beat and why do you need it as a public speaker?  […]

Body Language — 3

What are you doing in those last few moments before you begin a speech?  Most people are just getting nervous.  Or more nervous.  They’re thinking about all the things that can go wrong, and all the ways in which they might screw up.  They’re worrying about being judged by the audience — and found lacking.  […]

Body Language — 2

You can win over or lose your audience in the first 30 seconds of your appearance in front of them with your body language.  Really.  How do you accomplish this feat — or avoid this disaster?  You’ve seen speakers who bound on the stage with lots of energy, and no doubt seen speakers also who […]

Body Language — 1

The question I get asked most often about body language is, "What do I do with my hands?"  My answer, when there’s a video screen handy, is to show a clip of Leo Buscaglia speaking.  Leo was a wonderful public speaker on the subject of relationships (he wrote a bestseller back in the day called […]

Storytelling — 3

I’ve been working hard lately on my new book, tentatively entitled Being Real:  The Four Steps to Authentic Communication, and so I’ve been slacking off on the blogs.  But here goes on storytelling:  the basic themes. I’ve talked and written quite a bit about the basic stories, because understanding them is key to understanding why […]