How do you start a speech?  There are still human beings who wander this earth recommending beginning with a joke — and even attempting it themselves.  The problem with that is, for the majority of us who aren’t professional comedians, it’s hard to deliver jokes successfully.  As any professional will tell you, most jokes fall […]

What’s going on in Washington?

While political junkies and members of the public who can’t change the channels fast enough have been watching the endless campaign in New Hampshire and Iowa, those friendly folks back in Washington are spreading the love just so you won’t forget them come election time.  Chuck Rangel got a Center for Public Service named after […]

How many times should I rehearse?

People often ask me about rehearsal in the hopes that I’ll say, "Sure, don’t worry.  Don’t rehearse too much or you’ll get stale.  Better to keep it fresh.  Wing it." I never do say that or anything like it.  More rehearsal is better, with the following caveats.  Don’t rehearse more than once on the day […]