So, what do you say?

You’ve been asked to give a speech.  Maybe you’re expert in some topic, or you’ve headed up some organization, or you’ve done something wonderful recently.  You’ve got an occasion, an audience, and a duty.  What do you say? Here’s where it gets ironic.  You’ve been called upon because of something you possess, but what the […]

Don’t over- or underestimate radio

People still listen to the radio, and as such you shouldn’t underestimate it as a medium for getting your ideas out to a waiting world.  Nor should you overestimate its importance. Mostly, people listen while commuting, and as background at work and home.  Your best opportunity for spreading your words is thus during drivetime.  But […]

How to handle Q n A

Many executives believe, incorrectly, that even though they may not give the most brilliant of speeches, they come to life in the Q ‘n’ A.  They prefer the off-the-cuff because, well, it requires less preparation and they’re busy people.  But they’ll tell you something along the lines of "spontaneity is good for me" in justification.  […]

Don’t rehearse in front of a mirror

There are 3 bits of advice on public speaking that persist despite many experts’ efforts to kill them.  Let me try to drive a stake through their evil hearts now.  First, rehearsing in front of a mirror.  Let me say at once, rehearsal is good.  More rehearsal is better.  But rehearsing in front of a […]