Is rehearsal important?

Is rehearsal important?  Odd that I should even have to pose the question, but a surprising number of the people we’ve worked with over the years have tried to wiggle out of rehearsing even important speeches.  Speakers want to deliver charismatic, assured, memorable performances.  Some of them say they want to ‘wing it’, because thinking […]

Which Obama?

There’s a lot of talk about the difference between the Obama we’re seeing on the stump now and the Obama we saw at the Democratic National Convention in Boston back in 04.  People have noticed that the current Obama appears to be cooler, more deliberative, even a tad — dare I say it — boring.  […]

Giuliani and Churchill?

Giuliani’s in England this week; the campaign trail is global now.  He’s polishing up his image as a statesman, by meeting with Prime Ministers Blair and Brown, and a Living Churchill Relative.  Churchill’s granddaughter said he was "Churchill in a baseball cap."  Does the comparison hold?  Churchill spent a decade saying the unsayable, and then […]